What Is The New Bundle Offering From AT&T®

It seems that AT&T® is trying to undercut the competition by releasing a new wireless plus video package. AT&T® is one of the best internet and television service providers in the US and they are now using their stronghold in both the markets to increase their subscriber base by attracting more and more users.

The latest move by AT&T® is to offer a twenty-five dollars discount on the video services that are offered to the wireless users who are subscribing to the Unlimited Choice plan offered by them. This move by AT&T® follows a similar offer that is connected to their more expensive Unlimited Plus plan.

The Unlimited Choice plan from AT&T® is already priced below the equivalent plans that are offered by the internet providers like Verizon® and T-Mobile®. Providing a video package to the users for prices as little as ten dollars per month on top of it will offer great value to the users. In addition, with more and more strong players like Comcast® entering the wireless internet market, AT&T® will need to step up their bundle offering to be in business and they are doing the same.

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The single line pricing of AT&T® is well below that of T-Mobile® and Verizon®, so AT&T® might be imposing more restrictions to the Unlimited Choice plan to keep low prices. Users who do not wish to have restrictions will need to pay extra thirty dollars per month and this will make the plan more expensive than the comparable plans offered by Verizon® and T-Mobile®.

In the opinion of the experts, the second line pricing of AT&T® is much expensive when compared to the others. Experts say that T-Mobile® offers great savings to the users when compared to AT&T® for family plans as they are planning to include fees and taxes in their pricing. In reality, the savings from a 2-line account will be enough to offset the twenty-five dollars video discount for some of the users.

It seems that AT&T® is focusing the single line users. They believe that offering a good discount on the video service would help them keep the churn rates to minimum. Comcast® is also having a similar approach with the pricing of their wireless plans, but it can be attractive to the users only if they subscribe to the high-end video and internet offerings from Comcast®.