The Future of Mobile Video Streaming Experience

Wireless ProviderOpenSignal, a company measuring telecom carriers’ mobile network performance, recently released a list of rankings based on mobile video experience their customers get. As per the results, the first position went to the wireless provider Verizon®, the second place went to T-Mobile®, the third place went to Sprint®, and the fourth place to AT&T®.

Despite the ranking gap, OpenSignal said that all four carriers were in the “Fair” rating category. That means mobile connections were able to handle low-resolution video content with few issues, although they were not able to support high-res video without extended stalling and wait times.

AT&T® has invested a lot in video with the acquisition of Time Warner®, now named WarnerMedia, which delivered high profile content names like Warner Bros. and HBO. The Dallas-based telecom carrier sees opportunities to drive more traffic as well as advertising revenue with data from the content.

Besides, the carrier touted the prospects of 5G, the next-gen of wireless networks, set to make big improvements with data speeds on users’ devices.

When approached for a comment on the results, an AT&T® spokesperson pointed to an earlier report that said it featured on the top position in a similar list showing video streaming results. Global Wireless Solutions earlier said that the overall best performing carrier in the nationwide video streaming test’s results was AT&T®. The categories of its test comprised video streams’ reliability and times to load them.

Best Internet ProviderIn a post underlining the report, drafted earlier this year, the telecommunications company said that the video traffic is increasing rapidly and will remain to be so in the foreseeable future.

The Telco giant said, “Our network is built to handle this rapid growth”.

The Time Warner® acquisition by AT&T® raises the significance of high-speed delivery for all major carriers in the US market. Henceforth, the Dallas-based Telco is also concerned with the video experience offered by its wireless competitors to deliver the services, reported OpenSignal, as subscribers will be using applications such as HBO GO to stream.

Nonetheless, video experience is something that all carriers in the country are touting as customers increasingly use mobile devices whenever they want to stream feature-length content.

The OpenSignal report also said, “The operators must then find a way to deliver large quantities of mobile video to their customers’ smartphones at a good-enough quality level.”