Speedy Internet Build-Out is Coming to Rural Areas of North Louisiana

Wireless ProviderOver 54,000 businesses and residences in rural locations of North Louisiana will have access to the high-speed internet soon. The service will soon be made available to customers, thanks to the wireless provider AT&T®, which has been building out internet in the country to meet the FCC’s “Connect America Fund” commitment.

Pointing to a diagram, which is placed below a wireless tower, AT&T’s Regional Director, Robert Vinet, said, “You’ll have radios on the tower that will go out wirelessly to a fixed wireless antenna at a house.” At least, that is how AT&T® fixed wireless internet service works – it comes from a wireless tower to a fixed antenna.

As per his description, that is how the Dallas-based telecommunications company will make internet available in rural areas of North Louisiana that previously had little to no internet broadband access.

Vinet said, “So this product’s going to go a long way in helping close that digital divide. The last mile of connectivity has always been the most challenging. And we figured out a way to do it wirelessly.”

AT&T® is one of the main three internet providers in the US who is helping to realize the Connect America Fund program, through millions of dollars received via federal funding, for satellite, fiber, and wireless connections.

On the initiative, the Public Service Commissioner, Foster Campbell said, “It helps businesses. It helps hospitals. It helps everybody. If a business wants to move to rural parts of Louisiana they have to have high-speed internet to compete.”

Internet ProvidersIn fact, he said that the internet expansion process will allow over 54,000 rural business and homes in North Louisiana to get access to speedy internet service.

It is not just about upgrading the speed, but also having an internet connection, to begin with, in the case of some customers in the state. Take the example of Evan Falbaum and Erica Falbaum, who work out of their residence. Erica says, “I have a hundred seventy-five thousand followers online so I try to do live streaming and some days I can’t even do it.” The Falbaum family is expecting that this program may just be able to let the stay online and thereby quicker.

Foster Campbell represents District Five of Public Service Commission, which comprises all or areas of the twenty-four parishes in North Louisiana. Many of those areas in the state are sparsely populated.