Piracy Violators Will Have Their Services Barred Soon

Wireless ProviderAccording to a latest reports, AT&T® is all set to disconnect their services over the customers who are accused of piracy and copyright infringement violations. The wireless provider will shortly terminate over a dozen of their customers because of repeated copyright infringement allegations. These unnamed subscribers have been alleged of repeatedly stealing the content through the network and violating the copyright.

The executives at AT&T® said that they received many complaints and notices from the copyright owners claiming that their users have violated the copyright rules and are stealing the content through the carrier network.

A spokesperson at AT&T® said, “Content owners notified us when they believed they had evidence that an internet account was sharing copyrighted material unlawfully.” He further added, “Based on the notices we received, we identified the customer on the account and share with them the information we received. We also reached out to the customer to educate them about copyright infringement and offer assistance to help prevent the activity from continuing. A small number of customers, who continue to receive additional copyright infringement notifications from content owners despite our efforts to educate them, will have their service discontinued.”

In 2013, most of the internet service providers were following the six-strike system in union with the Recording Industry Association of America and Motion Picture Association of America in order to tackle the piracy issues. However, the six-strike system was shut down in 2017 because of its lack of effectiveness. After this, AT&T® shaped their own privacy policies.

Cheap InternetAny copyright violations or piracy is really significant in the case of AT&T® since the company is counted amongst one of the major media companies in the United States of America. It is to be noted that AT&T® has currently taken over Time Warner® and is running a major content business. However, the decision of AT&T® to remove the users who are accused of piracy has reportedly nothing to do with its Time Warner® ownership. Although there are some speculations that the copyright violation claims are reported by some of the Time Warner® segments, nothing has been proved yet.

Even though this is the first time, the company is following the policy of removing the customers who are alleged of copyright infringement violations for the past several years. Nevertheless, the company policy states that they will have to notify or warn their accused customers at least nine times before terminating the services.