John Donovan Opens Up on the Opportunities of 5G

Wireless ProviderThe CEO of AT&T® Communications, John Donovan, laid out AT&T’s 5G vision, noting that its wireless business contributes thirty-nine percent of its revenues and over half of its earnings. About the carrier’s move to 5G, John Donovan said, “We are first where it matters most. The early opportunities are going to be in enterprise.”

“We’re seeing a lot of demand from enterprise customers for blurring the line between what has historically been a wide area network, mobile, with a local area network, which has traditionally been wired,” he stated during a company analyst presentation that featured all of its top leadership.

Donovan also pointed to a couple of AT&T’s earlier announcements as a substantiation of how it is planning to play in 5G. Firstly, he cited the announcement that the wireless provider is working with the company named Samsung in order to create what is billed as “America’s first manufacturing-focused 5G ‘Innovation Zone’ in Austin, Texas”.

“The goal of the test-bed will be to provide a real-world understanding of how 5G can impact manufacturing and provide insight into the future of a Smart Factory,” he said.

Secondly, Donovan cited the deal of the Dallas-based telecommunications company with Magic Leap in order to power Magic Leap’s augmented reality goggles using 5G. He said that these announcements of the Telco giant are actually “only really the tip of the iceberg” for its 5G, while also hinting at “materially different use cases” enabled by 5G.

Best Internet Provider“We are looking at use cases in verticals like retail, healthcare, financial, education, public safety. So we’re going to take advantage of what we’re doing in the enterprise space and all of the verticals and have all of that solutioning carried over into 5G,” Donovan added.

The AT&T® Communications’ CEO also reiterated the promises made by the Dallas-based best internet provider concerning its proposed 5G launch in parts of twelve US cities by 2018, expanding to nineteen in 2019, first using a “puck” or mobile 5G device and a series of 5G smartphones next year.

Although John Donovan did not comment further on 5G beyond these statements, he and the other executives of the company spent much of the time talking about its video strategy, which it has built via acquisitions of DIRECTV® and Time Warner®. That is notable considering the AT&T® CEO, Randall Stephenson, touted its analyst presentation as a crucial one for it since “we’re now at a place where we’re going to start sharing plans with you”.