Investments in the Expansion of Networks in South Dakota Exceeded $60

Wireless ProviderAT&T® said it has invested over $60 in its South Dakota wired and wireless networks from 2016 to 2018. These investments enhance reliability, speed, coverage, and overall performance of telecommunications services for businesses and residents alike. AT&T® has also improved services which support first responders, who use the Firstnet®-branded communications platform.

The wireless network of the Dallas-based telecommunications company has become the US’s quickest one, as per the 2019 first quarter results from trials taken with Speedtest®.

Fulfilling its role as a wireless provider, the company made 569 network upgrades in the state of South Dakota. It added cell sites, enhanced backhaul and network capacity. By building out its LTE network, AT&T® is boosting network capacity and speeds, as it continues to upgrade its technology and extend the availability of its network.

“For South Dakota to continue to thrive and attract new jobs and innovation, sustained investment by the private sector is crucial,” stated Commissioner of the SD Governor’s Office of Economic Development, Steve Westra. “We commend AT&T for continuing to build state-of-the-art infrastructure in our state that makes business growth possible and assures our residents have the tools to stay connected and entertained.”

AT&T’s President of External Affairs for Northern Plain states, Cheryl Riley said, “AT&T® is proud to boost our investment in our wireless network and upgrades across South Dakota. Our goal is to continue to expand not only our geographic reach but our depth of service, and provide our customers and businesses with the reliable, high-speed coverage that they’ve come to trust and rely on.”

Transforming FirstNet® Communications

Fastest Internet ProviderFirstNet® is AT&T’s nationwide communications platform devoted to public safety for first responders. It brings public safety communications to this century with new and innovative capabilities, which help first responders to get the essential information they require in every emergency.

Building on the investments in the state, AT&T® continues to expand the reach and boost the capacity of the public safety communications platform. The company has deployed its “Band 14” or 700 MHz spectrum in over 600 markets nationwide. It is the high-quality spectrum that is provided by the FirstNet® authority. South Dakota’s first responders have the quickest overall experience on the FirstNet® network owing to the specialized telecommunications capabilities allowed by the network core, such as preemption and always-on priority.

Moreover, for the fifth year in a row AT&T® has found a place on Fortune’s “World’s Most Admired Companies” list.