How Modern Technology is Helping Victims of Natural Disasters

Wireless ProviderAT&T® has released a new drone that is capable of withstanding all kinds of weathers. This is intended especially for those trapped in the face of natural disasters. It would come of great help as people might be stranded in places where it is difficult for help to reach fast. Below is a discussion regarding the same.

Extreme-Weather Drone

This latest release by AT&T® will help in the rescue operations to a huge extent with its ability to reach the remotest of places in the adverse conditions. This drone was designed as a part of the Network Disaster Recovery (NDR) system by the cable and internet provider.

It is referred to as “Extreme-Weather Drone” as it is equipped to fly through snow and rain. Besides, it can handle up to 50 Mph wind gusts apart from the ability to handle both extremities of temperature.

This drone is an octocopter drone with a multirotor. The drone has four arms with eight rotors fitted on them. One of the most advanced wireless provider AT&T® has joined hands with the public sector to offer support to the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet). They are deemed responsible to provide security to the public in case of a mishap.

Building the Design

Cable And Internet ProviderThe general trend in drone manufacturing was to come up with an initial design and then try and make it weatherproof. However, this drone has been designed with the objective of making it weather-proof from the beginning. The motors are placed facing the downward direction. The structure has been crafted by bearing in mind, all the wind flows that it could face in situations. The components and the interiors are designed to withstand the fluctuation in temperature during extreme rain and snow.

Moreover, it is compact-sized and hence very easy to transport. It has antennas and small cells as well. It enables swift movement with the change in the external conditions including an emergency.

Other Features

AT&T® has added the drones to their stored facilities in the NDR operation centers. They enable rapid deployment. There is also an option of setting additional locations to deploy the drones depending upon the need.

Apart from the above features, the drone would be really helpful in situations of a fire. It would help firefighters stay better connected to each other. Besides, the drone is also fitted with a thermal imaging camera. It will notify the professionals of the areas safe for the firefighters. It can also get a visual through fire and smoke, adding to its use in front of a disaster.