Fastest Wireless Network in the US Revealed

Wireless ProviderAT&T® has become America’s fastest wireless network, as per the 2019 first quarter results which Speedtest® analyzed. New countrywide results from Speedtest® confirm what wireless subscribers of AT&T® are already getting. Ookla owns Speedtest®, a web service providing internet access performance metrics’ analysis, like that of latency and connection data rate. It has been downloaded millions of times and many consumers trust it.

In 2018 fall season, Global Wireless Solutions had announced AT&T® as the best network. AT&T® was given that accolade as it came first on the test result of GWS’s OneScore. The best internet provider mentioned its last year’s achievement in a recent press release, which announced Ookla’s findings.

“We are thrilled Ookla has confirmed that we are the fastest wireless network nationwide. This is further proof that our wireless network strategy and build are benefiting our customers in ways that other carriers cannot match,” the President and CTO of AT&T Labs, Andre Fuetsch said.

The results show AT&T’s speeds have improved by over 15% over this year’s first three months. Factors comprise the expansion of 5G throughout the US. In 2017, AT&T’s 5G was available in only 25 markets, but the wireless provider expanded it to make it available nationwide. On average, the speeds in AT&T’s “5G Evolution” markets are twice as quick as its standard LTE service. The Dallas-based telecommunications company also stated in the press release that the “5G Evolution” foundation allows it to deliver quicker speeds as of now and to upgrade to 5G in a quick way.

Best Internet ProviderThe company is also making large investments for FirstNet® subscribers’ benefit. FirstNet® is the public safety network for first responders through the country. AT&T® has been focused on extending its reach and the investments of the company are yielding good results for FirstNet®. So far, it has deployed the Band 14 spectrum as part of its FirstNet® expansion in more than 500 markets, and it is growing the capacity and coverage available to the first responder customers through the nation. When Band 14 is not used by first responders, AT&T’s other subscribers can enjoy its added coverage as well as capacity.

AT&T’s total investments over the last 5 years, comprising acquisitions of wireless operations and spectrum as well as capital investments, was over 130 billion dollars, which exceeds that of any other company. The Dallas-based Telco giant is the only carrier in the US with mobile 5G, which is available in select areas of 12 cities.