Crucial Mistakes to Avoid When Securing Your Wireless Network

Wireless ProviderWhen you think that you are being stalked, you may suddenly feel a sense of insecurity. However, no one dares to follow you if you hire a reliable bodyguard. The same mechanism works in the online field as well. You can find a number of home network hackers in the field who tend to pry on your private information. In fact, the only difference between a stalker and a hacker is that while the former cause physical harm, the latter can cause virtual harm. This explains the necessity of internet users to know about some of the IT regulatory compliance solutions.

Usually, people tend to subscribe to the best wireless provider around them who offers the best internet deals and other offers. Of course, you will be careful to secure your home wireless network well. However, you are likely to make some potential mistakes as you secure your network. Two of those missteps that you must avoid at any cost are given below.

Using an easy password

The main IT regulatory compliance solution that you must consider to secure your information is to encrypt your Wi-Fi network.  The industry security standard to encrypt your network is determined by your router. Anyhow, the option that is highly compatible with the client devices is WPA (Wireless Protected Access). In fact, WPA is the second safest industry security standard available to your router. To encrypt your network, go to settings and set a reliable Wi-Fi network password.

Best InternetSome people tend to set some simple password for their Wi-Fi network so that it will be easier for them to remember such as their birthdate, favorite color, movie, place, names, etc. It is worth noting that hackers will be able to figure out such passwords easily. Similarly, another security mistake that you are likely to make is writing down your passwords on a dairy and keeping it at an easily accessible place. Better, create an alphanumeric password combination that you can remember for your Wi-Fi network.

Not changing the default settings

Usually, the router comes with default settings as you purchase it and all the routers sold by a supplier tend to have the same default settings. So, it is important to change it as soon as you purchase it. However, some users will be so lazy that they start the setup process without changing the default settings. This is another major mistake that you are likely to make since it will be easier for hackers to break the default security settings. Hence, make sure to change the default IP address as well as the login password of your router. You can do this task via the setup interface of LAN and ‘Administration’ or ‘Tools’ respectively.