AT&T® Hopes Their Content Business Would Aid Wireless Sales

One of the leading wireless service providers in the country, AT&T® recently gave us a glimpse into their latest corporate structure and leadership which they are planning to implement in the coming days. The executives from the telecom company had hinted about new changes in their leadership before their merger with Time Warner® was approved. Reports from several reliable sources indicate that AT&T® will be soon making these changes, as they have successfully completed the acquisition of Time Warner®.

The executives of the telecom company, who are currently in charge of the wireless business of AT&T®, also talked about the newly acquired Time Warner® properties. During the speech, the executive talked about how AT&T’s ownership of Game of Thrones, Batman, HBO, and other famous Time Warner® properties will affect the website business of the company.

The head of AT&T® Communications, which is one of the major business units of the telecom company, is John Donovan. The broadband, video, and wireless businesses of AT&T® currently fall under the jurisdiction of Donovan. This means that he is the one who is overseeing the streaming services, wireless services, satellite video business, and wired ISP business of AT&T®.

Wireless Service ProvidersIn a recent interview, Donovan said that AT&T® has finally made progress in the field of intersecting wireless and video services when they acquired the satellite TV company, DIRECTV® in the year 2015. He added that the acquisition of DIRECTV® enabled the wireless provider to bundle their wireless services along with DIRECTV NOW® and other video streaming offerings.

Donovan was also thrilled about the idea of integrating the wireless business of the company with WarnerMedia branded content business, who currently owns Warner Bros. movie studio, DC Comics, and many other famous properties. He said, “You see the same opportunities here. How do you trade off an acquisition dollar for a dollar of content? How do you trade off a customer install cost versus a churn reduction? We’ve built some solid muscle to know how those economics move around, so we are really thrilled about what the content business can mean for us, in simple ways.”

As per Donovan, “One of [AT&T’s] wireless strengths is that our ‘close rates’ in stores are up. We want more traffic in the store. If we have a tentpole [movie] release from the studio, we can find a way to integrate it in stores and drive traffic. We found the synergy. So basic things that video does, like drive traffic and hours of consumption, become assets for us to acquire value and ARPU [average revenue per user] and retain customers. And we really are hitting our stride in how to move those currencies across franchises. So, we’re really thrilled about what this can do for broadband and for mobility.”