AT&T® Expands International Wireless Footprint

Wireless ProviderRecently, AT&T® announced that the company is expanding its Wi-Fi service for business customers by adding sixty nations to its list of businesses to help them stay better connected and run important operations seamlessly. The Dallas-based Telco giant also said that more nations would be added to the list of beneficiaries in the future.

By developing wireless offering that helps in driving innovation, the wireless provider is fueling transformation of business through edge-to-edge capabilities. The Telco’s Business Wi-Fi service keeps guest and back office Wi-Fi separate in order to help businesses keep their networking secure.

Business customers can manage their wireless network infrastructure easily and get helpful network insights via a portal online. Notably, the karting company named K1 Speed is rolling out AT&T® Business Wi-Fi service to help power the company’s kart races as well as keep their guests connected to the internet. The best internet provider is helping businesses to transform interaction with subscribers by delivering fresh experiences.

AT&T’s Deal with KONE Americas

The Telco giant also announced that it has been selected by KONE Americas as an IoT connectivity cum service management provider for KONE’s 24×7 Connected Services, allowing analysis and monitoring of real time data from escalators and elevators. The two companies have been sharing a long-standing relationship. The Telco provides edge to edge solutions to the escalator and elevator industry leader. They include wireline, mobile, data and voice services, managed network services, and AT&T® NetBond for Cloud.

AT&T’s Corroboration with Ericsson®

Best Internet ProviderThe Telco also announced that it is partnering with Ericsson® to offer trialing to help safeguard IoT devices from cybersecurity threats. The company is working to make baseline tests and required validation easier for businesses to help make devices secure and put appropriate cybersecurity measures in place.

The carrier will offer it through Cybersecurity Certification Program of CTIA, a trade association that represents wireless communications segment in the US. Ericsson® is accredited as a Test Lab authorized by CTIA for Cybersecurity Certification. The certification program covers an array of devices comprising connected streetlights, body cameras, industrial routers, medical devices, utility meters and more.

In a different development, the company unveiled the new name for its advertising and analytics company “Xandr”. It pays homage to the inventor of Telephone Alexander Graham Bell, whose Bell Telephone Company originally owned the American Telephone and Telegraph Company.