AT&T® Discontinues Two Ethernet Services

Wireless ProviderAT&T®, one of the best internet service providers in the country, has planned to discontinue two of their legacy Ethernet services due to decreased interest and migration of customers to their new dedicated service lines. They have formally requested to the Federal Communications Commission on shutting down the services and this request is one of the moves that AT&T® has made recently to stop those services that are no longer used.

In the case of the legacy Ethernet services, more and more customers are moving on to the newer SDN-based on-demand Ethernet services and AT&T® Dedicated Ethernet (ADE) services. AT&T® is specifically looking to shutdown two of their Ethernet services:

DecaMAN: DecaMAN is a fiber-based point-to-point 10 Gb Ethernet service that let users to send and receive data signals between local area networks (LANs).

GigaMAN: GigaMAN is also a point-to-point, gigabit internet service that facilitates users to transport data between LANs.

It is reported that AT&T® is planning to discontinue these services in eleven states, which include California, Indiana, Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Ohio, Michigan, Oklahoma, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Texas. If FCC authorizes the discontinuance request of AT&T®, they will no longer offer these Ethernet services to new users starting on or after September 30.

In addition, AT&T® will no longer accept orders from the current users for moves, adds, or changes, and will not add any new term plans for the Ethernet services. Users will no longer be able to extend, renew, or convert term plans.

Best InternetAfter the expiry of the existing term agreements, AT&T® will be offering the services on a monthly basis, till the services are discontinued completely, which is now planned for September 30, 2022.

“The public convenience and necessity will not be impaired by the discontinuance of these services because there is low demand for these services as there are alternative high-speed transport services available in the market, such as AT&T Dedicated Ethernet services,” AT&T® said in the FCC filing.

The discontinuance of the Ethernet service by AT&T® is not a surprise. They have been discontinuing DecaMAN and GigaMAN with their AT&T® Dedicated Ethernet (ADE) services that feature the latest protocols that are provisioned over the fiber facilities. ADE allows the users to send and receive data between point A and point B, just like the fiber-based point-to-point Ethernet service. The difference is that ADE is capable of transporting the data signals as Ethernet signals or as signals embedded in an Optical Transport Network (OTN).