AT&T® Announces Fixed Wireless Internet Connectivity For Decatur County

Fixed Wireless Internet AT&T® has announced various plans to facilitate rural internet connectivity to Decatur County. The company’s Fixed Wireless Service is deployed across various rural areas of the county that have made available high-speed internet access among the region. AT&T’s provision of fixed wireless service to Decatur County has made it the first locations across the nation where the service is available. The Fixed Wireless Internet service offered by AT&T® will deliver high-speed internet connectivity at download speeds of about 10 Mbps.

The service solely focuses towards residential and small business customers in the region and operates via a wireless tower and fixed antenna on homes and businesses. It provides 160 GB of usage per month with additional charges at the rate of $10 for 50 GB. Moreover, it allows Wi-Fi connectivity across multiple devices and wired Ethernet connection for up to four devices. According to the company, this will drastically reduce the costs, while also providing high-speed quality internet connectivity in rural areas.

Bill Leahy, President of AT&T® Georgia said, “The more than 19,000 men and women who work for AT&T® and call Georgia home, are working every day to turn our investments into the high-speed connectivity that Georgia’s residents and businesses demand. Through this innovative service, we are further closing the remaining connectivity gap in rural Georgia.” AT&T® has also initiated proposals for expanding the service to more than 67,000 locations across Georgia by the year 2020.

Wireless ProvidersState Senator Dean Burke said, “More and more, whether you are in urban or rural areas, high-speed connectivity is vital, and I am excited to see this newly available service bringing needed connectivity to our rural communities in Georgia. And to be among the first in the nation to have access through this service is a testament to the consistent community efforts to raise this issue.”

Besides the expansion work in Georgia, AT&T® is also offering the service to 17 more states by the end of this year. Reports say that AT&T’s FCC Connect America Fund committee is behind the rural internet scheme that intends to offers the service to more than 400,000 locations by the end of this year and about 1.1 million locations by the year 2020.

Rick McCaskill, Executive Director of the Bainbridge-Decatur County Development Authority said, “It is important for Decatur County to enjoy the type of high-speed Internet access which improves the quality of life for our residents and makes our communities more attractive to potential employers.”