5G Wireless Technology Promises Better Data Service

Wireless ProviderFollowing the recent launch of the fixed 5G network by the wireless provider Verizon® for subscribers in parts of 4 cities, the Dallas-based telecommunications company AT&T® recently said it will soon be launching its 5G mobile network in parts of a dozen cities. That reportedly narrows down its timeline to November 2018, as opposed to what the Telco giant previously announced. In the recent past, it said that 5G service would be rolled out commercially in a dozen cities by the end of this year, which generally is taken for December.

The announcement of the Dallas-based best internet provider came during its third quarter earnings call. It also caps off 2 years of 5G tests across many cities in the US. Reaffirming the commitment of AT&T® to use standards-based mobile 5G, the company described itself as beginning on the path to countrywide service of it, with the dozen cities to later be joined by seven more. Reportedly, the company will launch 5G mobile service in seven more markets by early 2019.

As announced earlier, the southern cities in the country account for some of its earliest 5G rollouts but not all. The cities are Atlanta, Dallas, Charlotte, Indianapolis, Houston, Louisville, Jacksonville, Oklahoma City, New Orleans, Raleigh, Waco, and San Antonio. In early 2019, the Telco giant plans to extend the service to San Diego, Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, Nashville, Las Vegas, and Orlando.

Best Internet ProviderThroughout this year, it has launched “5G Evolution” in more than 400 US cities, upgrading some wireless towers that will benefit late users of 4G LTE and early adopters of 5G. The Telco says “5G Evolution” technology will be countrywide by 2019 mid and is resulting already in peak subscriber speeds of up to 400 Mbps.

Beyond its wireless hardware, the company says the wireless 5G network has the backing of fiber cabling, that is now capable of reaching eighteen million subscribers, and twenty-two million subs by 2019 mid. Eight million business subscriber locations will be inside 1000 feet of its fiber, so will fourteen-million subs.

Early 5G adopters or subscribers will have a limited choice of AT&T® compatible hardware. It says the service will be commenced with standards-compliant hotspot mobile “pucks”, which are capable of up to gigabit speeds service, accessible by tethered laptops and other portable devices.