5G New Radio Service Expansion Plans Detailed

Wireless ProviderWhile the standards-based mobile 5G network is available in parts of twelve markets, AT&T® detailed short and long-term extension plans with the aim of providing countrywide coverage by 2020.

The telecommunications company’s service has arrived in Dallas, Atlanta, Charlotte, Houston, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Louisville, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Raleigh, and Waco. The footprint of it will grow to comprise Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Orlando, Nashville, San Diego, San Jose, and San Francisco in this year’s first half with 5G NR set to reach Chicago and Minneapolis too. The fastest internet provider said its plan is to provide mobile 5G countrywide by “early 2020”.

It is the only carrier having a standards-based 5G offering. Its main rival Verizon® is offering fixed wireless 5G internet to residences in parts of a few markets. That network of Verizon® is based upon its Technical Forum standard, even though the wireless provider has made clear that it is going to upgrade to 3GPP standard-based equipment.

“We delivered on one of the most ambitious goals in our industry by being the first in the U.S. with live commercial mobile 5G,” said Jeff McElfresh, AT&T’s President of Technology and Operations. “2018 was a year of rapid R&D, testing and deployment as our people rolled out 5G within months of the final 3GPP standard being set—going from an 18 month cycle to same-year deployment. And now we’re going to begin making this 5G vision come to life further for businesses and consumers.”

Fastest Internet ProviderThe first business subscriber in New Orleans to explore how they can leverage the service of AT&T® was Deep South Studios. Its Executive Vice President, Mick Flannigan, explained the company is using 5G internally and its another plan.

“Wireless connectivity is really everything in our industry in terms of people really just don’t want to wire things anymore. Nobody is plugging in anymore,” Flannigan said. “We’ve been testing and so far it’s been great. There’s a notice speed improvement. Our needs are typically met by our [AT&T®-provided] fiber Wi-Fi connection but we want to offer as many products as we can. In this industry we all love the bleeding edge.”

As of now, AT&T’s 5G mobile customers are using it as a hotspot to trial transferring of big videos, as well as will offer it up as a substitute for LTE or Wi-Fi to clients who go to their facility.