5G Home Internet Rollout throughout the Nation is in the Works

Internet ProvidersVerizon® has been a leader in the residential internet space in the US. Several people had felt that the 5G home internet service would be restricted to just a few markets in the country as the wireless provider rolled out the 5G option for mobile phones. Recently, Verizon® confirmed that the residential 5G internet service would come to each market where 5G mobile internet exists.

“It is one network, based on 5G, supporting multiple use cases,” said Adam Koeppe, Verizon’s Vice President of Technology Planning. “Enterprise, small/medium business, consumer, mobility, fixed. When the 5G network is built, you have a fixed and mobile play that’s basically native to the deployment you’re doing.”

This is one of the commitments, which other telecom players building 5G have not been able to make so far. Other internet providers will not be able to roll out 5G home internet overnight; although some are rumored to launch the service in the near future, it remains to be seen whether they will offer the kind of bandwidth that supports residential use.

Note that households in the nation incur massive data usage. Adam Koeppe underlined Verizon® has mm-Wave holdings that allows for the residential requirements. As per the wireless carrier, this will be only the start of its plans to launch 5G over the coming few years.

The Demand for 5GWireless Provider

For an uninitiated, 5G is an acronym that stands for “Fifth Generation” of the mobile technology. We have seen the technology develop, starting with second generation (2G) in the 1990’s. The latest generation of mobile will expand upon its precursor, with some significant changes. While users will be able to send text messages, make phone calls, surf the web with their devices, we will also see a massive increase in the data speed. With the speed of data that will be sent and received across the 5G network, we will be able to handle things such as streaming videos in 4K resolution super quickly.

The technology improvement is being done in response to the requirement for quicker wireless internet as well as the ability to deal with more devices to connect all of them around the house as well as on the go. When one depends upon quick and reliable internet service for everything from smart home applications to test self-driving vehicles, the requirement for a technology such as this is obvious.